Future of DZN - Sports NFT Website and Materials
This project involves the design and development of a new website for use by a fictional marketplace created for collectors of sports memorabilia such as trading cars. The marketplace is filled with digital / NFT graded sports cards that gives an opportunity to showcase my skill set and creativity range as I will have to construct different sets of materials that all look different yet a part of a set. There is currently no such market and this would be a wonderful idea if a company were to grab several big time licenses within the professional leagues as well as with athletes who are retired. The creation of physical branding materials such as promotional posters, teasers and prints showcasing the brand and website URL for ease of access as well as examples of cards up for sale.
A Brief History: Originally this project was just a collage of some of my personal and client oriented work as I had gathered quite a lot of pieces throughout my junior and senior year. I had then put in the time to transform these pieces to fit into trading cards as well as creating a brand. My thought process was to make these pieces of work into tradable items in todays NFT climate.
Why is it called future of dzn?
Future of DZN got its name from an already formed group that I am currently a member of. This group includes college students who major in graphic design with a focus on sports media. Some of these pieces such as the two included below where apart of charity pieces created for the athletes dipicted.
Above where the first two posters that where made for "Project Younity" - a charity ran by talented sports centered creatives collaborating with the athletes depicted in the artwork. The proceeds went towards the athletes personal foundations or preferred charities / causes.
Some examples of the NFT artwork available on the site itself. All where repurposed artwork created by myself for other projects fitted into the theme and the alternate versions where completely recreated.
The website : Created in Adobe XD

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