Speak Up, Speak Out, Find Your Voice

An absolute recurring problem in any and all industries and careers has been the lack of ability to speak up and speak out against what we feel wronged by. This goes for harassment, being valued through equal pay, work environment and even work expectations. It can be even worse when the dynamic between client and creative can be purely transactional and the way the relationship works evolves to things being acceptable because the creative is paid at the end of the day.

Seemingly someone in their job is treated wrong every other day and that has been highlighted as of late across all types of mediums. The power struggle and the ability to speak out has always been hard especially if you are just starting out and those on top may even go as far as knowing what they are doing is wrong but they feel that because they had to go through it that we do as well as a younger generation.

This thought process / excuse that if I have power in a company or a relationship and I had struggled when I was younger / building myself up, that it is my duty to make life harder for someone else trying to make it. Sometimes it just comes to value and understanding that yes a relationship can be purely transactional but always put your own health and mindset first.

In the long run, nothing is better than taking care of yourself and that includes your body, mindset and workflow. You invest so much in your craft so why let one client or employer mess up your dream. Work can always be hard and one way or another a roadblock will surely come but sometimes you can’t have an attitude where it is what it is and you just have to understand that you deserve better.

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