What does it mean to be a Creative in sports? When answering this question it should really say what does it mean to be creative rather than the title of being a Creative.

Creatives in sports that are in college study a vast amount of minors associated with their major which is typically either graphic design and or a mix of sports marketing / business. In most cases people typically don’t realize just how much schooling goes into those degrees. In a typical degree path not only are you pursuing artistic classes to satisfy a bachelor of fine arts but many schools require you to take marketing classes to satisfy a minor that goes hand in hand with your degree.

Already with all of this in mind it is important to remember that being the jack of all trades in this industry is important and for the most part learning on your own time's just as critical as paying attention in school. Classes typically put you on a crash course of real world scenarios and projects that could happen with expectations that your employer would surely have. The only real difference, if you have a great professor, is that you would be graded harder than if your boss would because everything relies on the combination of being efficient, talented, knowledgeable and organized. Separating yourself from others relies on the mixture you put forth.

While on my college path I came to college knowing about 70% of what I currently do now. How can that be so considering I have to pay so much for a degree that says I’m qualified? To be fair, I’m order to be in the major one would have to be interested in a sense as it isn’t an easy major. YouTube and just practicing on my own had always been my best friend in terms of learning. I had pursued courses online and in highschool that aren’t on my degree path as well such as engineering, drafting and robotics as well in order to venture out to what it means to design not specific to the sports world. Our degree already forces us to be knowledgeable of photography therefore it doesn’t hurt to pursue videography and cinematography.

So ask yourself, are you 100% in your major? Could you possibly dedicate some time to venture to subsections that may benefit you? Or maybe just maybe try something totally different that has always been on the back of your mind. Knowledge is universal, and any amount is never too much. You never know what you may learn and how it can help you in the future. Employers often enjoy seeing that you spread yourself out and truly are a “jack of all trades” and in the end it benefits you as a person. The crazy thing nowadays is that for creatives in sports, the ones who are entering college now are often taught this and pushed to venture out. 

It is an ever growing major and being talented in just one thing isn’t good enough anymore. This surely doesn’t just apply to those in the industry but also anyone else who are just chasing their dreams.

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