Test technology by being away
Vacation is key

Being in a field that not only revolves around social media and trends but also demands you to be a part of the current technological wave can be mentally draining. One important note is that no matter what you do in life, technology will always move forward at today’s pace and age. Having that understanding that life moves forward should not only promote you to be motivated to keep up with trends and be ahead at times but also not be afraid to take a break when you are able to.
Often times those who work within social media as one who manages the social platforms or is the lead photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and so on, are the ones who are most in tune with the climate of today's social world because they have to in order to survive. So what happens if you place those people who rely on technology to perform their job and to have a salary in the first place in a position where they are in a much more remote environment than they are used to?
To start, that question sounds more like a punishment to those who work in this field. Being somewhere without technology tends to also mean being somewhere without infrastructure and nobody would prefer that for the most part. With that being said being somewhere remote can also simply mean just being out without having to worry about work. In many cases, those in social media have a year-to-year calendar plan and that also means that their vacation time is limited. In some cases, vacation time means traveling on a work-related event during the holidays therefore it shouldn't really count.
What if you were to take an actual weekend to possibly a week vacation to say the Dominican Republic? That would be nice as you would have resort access and infrastructure along with the beauty of the beaches. Even better is that you can venture outside those resort walls and see what life is like in a different part of the world where social media isn't that important to not at all. 
Perhaps beaches aren't your thing, then that doesn't mean a trip to Europe isn't off the table. Exploring the history of Europe and their trends and way of life would be refreshing so much so that you may not want to ever leave once you get used to driving on the other side of your car. So why stop there when you could also embrace technology by going to somewhere like Japan where in some cases they are actually much more ahead in terms of marketing and technology available to the public especially in terms of trends.
The point made here is that vacation time is important and you don't have to force yourself into a room without technology. All you have to do is just find somewhere else where technology is used differently other than the way it's used for your job. Many people forget that when you are on vacation you are supposed to refresh and revive your creative mind. Always do yourself a favor and make sure you don't ever miss out on your next adventure as it will be key to your performance in the long haul.

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