It's All About The Team

What makes a team so special in the creative field? One could easily say ease of work flow. Another could say specifically an improved and central mindset and alignment of goals. One could even say a team could purely just be to make sure everyone knows what they have to do and not have a relationship out of office. All in all, the central goal is put forth as the most important thing when a team is formed.

Some teams don’t have a luxury of a big budget therefore in the creative world especially a team could consist anywhere from 3-8 people to as low as 1-3 for small schools and or clients. Pay differences and scale would surely be present and for some odd reason clients prefer to have one person have a lot of responsibilities and pay them for one cheap price than to hire the three separate people that would have those jobs specifically and pay them all an equal amount. Many employers shortcut this route and it is typical to see nowadays.

In the end, no matter what team you apart of, it is important to put forth your best effort and attitude no matter how the dynamic is set up. If you have a team that is able to communicate it is almost guaranteed that your workflow and pursuit of goals will be that much better. A team could be your greatest cause of stress as well as the biggest reliever.

One thing to note is that it’s not a problem to bond with your team and make a statement and effort to get to know each other. When it is all said and done, the time you put into the team matters in the long haul for the accomplishments of all things, especially when you have to hold members accountable and depend on one another.

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