Anyone could be labeled as a director
Always read the job description

Something that has been an interesting trend for the past couple years and possibly far before that is when someone puts a fancy title on their resume or social media bio. Seems normal nowadays but oftentimes that fancy title could not mean much at all and in other times they aren’t giving themselves much credit.
In the design world an example of not giving yourself much credit is calling yourself an intern when in reality you are working full time and doing projects an actual full time designer would. On a resume, an employer would see an intern title and have the possibility to view it as a position where you just shadowed and learned whereas if you put a title such as “jr. designer” it carries much more weight.
On the flip side my favorite title is when someone gets the title of Director of Graphic Design or Director of Social Media and once you take a look at who’s on their team you quickly realize the running question of “who are they directing? Why are they a team of one?” So many cases of this exist where employers give out job positions where it’s a “Director” but they don’t supply you with an actual team for you to direct and watch over. I’m some cases employers do this as an excuse to hire someone to simply do it all. This statement isn’t necessarily a shot at anyone who is a Director of something and doesn’t have a team, it's more so an awakening to the fact that many employers give out this title in order to give out more work to one person.
Social media is the main place for fancy titles whether it’s someone stretching the title or the position in which it was created is outdated and it hasn’t been updated. Oftentimes it’s not a matter of the employer having only one person for their staff but rather having so many to where things overlap. There could be so many assistants that there would be a junior and a senior or even a manager, supervisor that all do a similar job.
In the end, it depends on how you approach the design world to understand why it’s so vast. Positions vary whether you work in-house for a large or small team, or as an independent contractor. Graphic designers and those who work in social media also vary in skill sets and focuses as it may have to do with illustrations, graphics, photography, videography, typography and all things that spread communication digitally and creatively. Visual communication is so important that it is ok to have different titles but the focus here is to never sell yourself short and when applying to jobs you always have to look into what the position actually is and the workload rather than just the title.

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