By: Jacob Dos
What does it mean by “your boss can be your coach” in the creative industry?

To start, it’s probably best to look at what it means for your boss to be your coach in any work field let alone the creative one. Does being a coach involve motivating, critiques, and giving a sense of direction? In a nutshell, all of those are qualities of a coach however it isn’t as easy to find one as it may sound in the general work field. Always remember that anything can happen when you approach someone with genuine intentions.

In the creative field, it is often said that it is a hit or miss when it comes to having your boss being your coach/mentor. Often times it relies on access to said boss. In many ways, creatives in the sports industry find themselves in an entry position that naturally places them in a learning role. By default those in charge were in their place not too long ago or even and better yet, they have been in the industry for several years. Managers, directors, and executives are all considered bosses and all could be vital mentors. What matters however is the access and the relationship that comes out of it.

RelationshipS matter from the second you have an interview and in many cases even before you send a resume in the creative world of sports. First impressions matter and what counts is when you actually start working and producing. Creating a healthy relationship with your boss could simply be as easy as being on time, efficient, genuine, and most importantly focused on the team’s goals. As long as that is your priority then approaching your boss and asking them how you could perform better makes the conversation that much easier.

What you may find is that conversation may turn into a history lesson. It is important to listen to your boss's past and it is ok to simply not interrupt and take mental notes as each boss has had mistakes that surely you would run into. Then, it’s time to relate, make sure you stay on the topic of being a better addition to the team but also keep the focus on establishing the want for your boss to mentor you. What you may get out of it may be as simple as a promotion or even, in many cases that boss could be your recommendation letter or connection for something bigger and better that’s next on your career path.

Not all bosses are approachable and not all conditions are the same. So it’s not a guarantee that your boss could be your coach and that’s totally fine as you could always look towards your peers. Even if that fails, simply looking at yourself in the mirror and always having the attitude that you want to be better than the day before will take you far. Just remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help and have a relationship with your boss not just for benefit but for the genuine health of accomplishing a strong bond towards the team's goal.​​​​​​​

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